C1R entered the novelty business in 2004 with its' Chi Chi LaRue's Rascal line at Topco.  With its' immediate popularity, Rascal quickly became Topco's premiere "gay" line.  Rascal became known for hot packaging, large pieces and a brand that moves to both gay men and women.  In 2013 Rascal left Topco to begin in-house manufacturing, focusing on innovative and quality products that customers would buy again and again.
Baller Black
Brawn Black
Brawn Cage Black
Brawn Cage Clear
Brawn Clear
Brawn Glow Blue
Brawn Gray
Brawn Pride
Clencher Red Poly

Clencher Red Poly

Clencher V2
D-Ring Glow X3
D-Ring X3
Douche Bag

Douche Bag

Expeller X3
ManSizer Black
ManSizer Clear

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