by Catalina Video

UPC 802752502692

STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: William Higgins

CAST: Cory Adams, Lance Whitman, Matt Ramsey, Steve Rodgers, Rick Lane, Allen Chris, Billy Gant, John Andrews, Lee Landis, Scott Roberts, Tony Kidd, and Brad Foxx

MATT RAMSEY made on a few all male features.

His rise to fame came by performing in "Straight Adult Features" under the name "Peter North".

This Classic William Higgins Pre-condom sizzler stars Matt as a straight shooter who experiences a sexual awakening, all thanks to his Cousin and his buddies.

A Rare treat to see MATT RAMSEY in an all male feature!

KEYWORDS: Twinks, Pre Condom, Muscle, Blow Job, and Jock

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